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Charity Events

Over the last few year’s we’ve organised  several large charity events and already have companies charity choosing Richard Fish Outdoor Adventures to organise their fundraising event for next year..

You can join an existing walk and fundraise for a charity of your choice or you can contact us to organise your event and we can add a date to suit you. Generally, the way we work is participants pay a small fee to take part (covers safety/ leaders) and then there is no minimum amount to raise, with 100% of money going to the good cause. We find this is the most transparent way to work. In addition we can help with event t-shirts etc.

Hill Skills, wild camps and expeditions

We offer courses to develop hill skills, expedition skills and wild camps and campcraft. We look at kit, cooking, emergency procedures and other topics such as the laws and ethics. Richard is also an experienced DofE Expedition supervisor, leader and assessor and can support your centre in the delivery of the theory or practical aspects of the expedition section.

Navigation Courses

RFOA deliver a range of navigation courses for people of a wide range of abilities. Theses are usually small groups often beginners but also improvers and people wanting to practise navigation in poor weatherremote areas or at night.

On our courses you will use a range of maps at a range of scales including Ordinance Survey, Orienteering maps and we are proud to be working in conjunction with Harvey Maps.

Challenge Events

• RFOA organises classic challenge hikes

• You can either look under our future events and join an existing challenge or you can’t find what you’re looking for get in touch and we can organise the challenge of your choice.

What We Do

Something for Everyone...

We offer great days out and all the popular routes and popular challenges. But we don’t just do hiking in the big mountains, charity events and navigation workshops (although we are pretty great at those).

We also try to offer things that are a bit different wildlife walks, wellbeing walks, Summit and Swims and our ever popular, moon walks.  New for this year are Wainwright Walks on Haystacks, Artic Apline Flowers with Mike Raine and Iolo Williams is back for 4 wildlife walks.

We have worked with partners to offer sailing, outdoor climbing, leadership awards, First Aid. Do if you have an idea what you’re after get in touch.